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Company introduction

CTB is unique large-scale production-oriented enterprises with combination of servo motor and drive. CTB equipped with domestic smart motor parts processing production line. The product line is designed by SMTCL, adopt domestic intelligence I5 CNC system and CTB motorized spindle, smart servo motor, servo drive with independent research and development, basically can reach 4.0 industrial standards. CTB with perfect production conditions, with annual production capacity of 100000 sets of servo motor and drive. At the end of 2014, CTB developed new high-grade 5000㎡motorized spindle production workshop, can finish the process of motorized spindle production and testing according to no-dust and constant temperature standard.

Company’s main products cover whole series of motorized spindle, ac servo motor, ac servo spindle motor, frequency conversion motor, built-in motorized spindle motor, dedicated servo motor for press, injection molding machine, pumping unit as well as the various series of servo drive. Products are widely used in high-grade energy-saving injection molding machine, precision press, CNC machine tools, robots, manipulator, automatic production lines and other high-end equipment manufacturing industry; AC servo motor is key component for the technical updating of textile machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery, paper machinery, lifting machinery and other traditional industrial technology; With the development of new energy industry, ac servo motor is core and necessary control unit for wind power, photovoltaic power, electric cars, and other fields. Ac servo motor is also increasingly widely used in the traditional energy sources, such as oil exploration, coal-bed methane devices. All CTB production with our independent research and development intellectual property rights, 57 patents, 11 software Copyrights, 1 item integrated circuit design exclusive rights and various patents are in pending.


Enterprise idea Developing high-tech national industry, manufacturing professional electromechanical integration products
Management mode Human oriented, rule by discipline
Human value Surpass selfhood, Keep pace with the world
Working passion Every minute counts
Course of struggle Perseverance
Success quote Details determine success or failure
Service standard Customer satisfaction is our pursuit