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Press industry


AC servo screw press is a new drive mode of screw press in recent years, has simple structure, easy manufacturing machinery parts, short transmission chain, high transmission efficiency, less waste of mechanical parts, convenient maintenance, favored by domestic and foreign manufacturers.
CTB servo screw press control system has a perfect function, simple operation, energy saving efficiency and low labor costs and high product quality, can adapt to various processes with higher versatility, flexibility and intelligence, reflects the perfect combination of control and mechanical system, provide perfect solutions and reliable products for screw press manufacturers.
CTB launched special servo control system solutions for screw press, which has been successfully applied in domestic press manufacturer, can be widely used in cold and hot forging, cold forging of thin forgings, casting forging, refractory materials processing and other fields. As servo control system of domestic leading production enterprise, we can provide the first-class solutions that help you to improve the performance, reliability and precision of machine, as well as overall innovation and quality.

Functional characteristics

1. Drive Built-in Pmotion motion control module, can use ladder diagram or C language programming with external PLC controller.
2. Perfect function: impact energy subsection setup, adapt to various process; Die height detection, automatically adjust according to molding condition
3. Realize full closed-loop control, position control, speed control and torque control;
4. Control precision:position:±1PLUSE、speed:±0.1%、torque:±5%
5. Motor with high strength structural design, cast iron shell, adapt to high strength vibration environment
6. Low speed high torque servo motor, wide range of power and torque, can satisfy different working conditions
7. 200% of overload ability, faster and more efficient response
8. Motor with compact structure, small volume, motor with axial size is far less than other motor power, suitable for a small installation space
9. Security: lock slider in time in case of external failure
10. Motor built-in high precision speed sensor, can cooperate with high performance servo drive, to achieve high precision of speed, position and torque control

Market orientation

1. CTB products are suitable for various high-end industry applications

a. screw press
b. servo press
c. general press
d. Brick making machine
e. Vibration machinery
f. Forging and pressing equipment
g. Extruding machine
h. Blowing molding machine
i. wire drawing machine
j. Heavy-duty machine

2. High cost performance, obvious price advantage in servo market

3. Various CNC interface, can communicate with popular CNC system brands, such as Siemens, KND, LNC, SYNTEC, FEIYANG, GSK, GUANGTAI, etc, also can communicate with all kinds of touch screen, text display box.