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Construction industry


Hoop-bending machine is a kind of automatic stirrup production equipment, which is mainly used in processing mold of building material. For a long time, it is hand made by construction workers, not only low efficiency and poor precision, severely restricted the time limit for project progress and construction quality of whole building. With the widely application of the motion control system, the design of CNC hoop bending machine, a large number of NC hoop bending machine used in the construction of reinforced materials processing, compared with the original artificial methods, the efficiency improves nearly 40 times.

CTB hoop servo control system of hoop bending machine realizes the automatic control and improves machining precision, production efficiency and product quality of hoop bending machine, reduce the labor costs; System is stable, reliable, easy to use, is the first choice for bending hoop machine equipment.

CTB special servo control solutions for bending hoop machine has been successfully applied in the domestic bending hoop machine manufacturer , we will provide the first-class solutions that help you to improve the performance, reliability and precision of the machine as well as overall innovation and quality.

Function characteristics

1. Drive built-in Pmotion motion control module, can use ladder diagram or C language programming;
2. Realize full closed-loop control, position control, speed control and torque control;
3. Control precision: position: ±1PLUSE, speed: ±0.1%, torque: ±5%;
4. High precision of bending hoop;
5. Quick response of servo control
6. 200% of the overload ability, faster response and more efficient;
7. Servo control to improve work efficiency, save the cost of production;
8. Fault self-diagnosis function.

Market orientation

1. CTB products are suitable for all kinds of high-end industry
2. High cost performance, obvious price advantage in servo market
3. Energy saving and efficient, cost savings for production enterprise
4. With different communication interface, can communication with all kinds of touch screen, the text box.