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Shearing industry


In current industrial production, fixed length cutting of various materials is a very important step in the whole process, with the constant improvement of automation, increasing maturity of motion control system, fixed-length cutting equipment gradually developed from traditional stop shear into tracing shear, flying shear, punch shear, plate shearing machine, etc., which greatly improves work efficiency, synchronization performance of tracing shear makes its servo drive and motor step into flexible, intelligent, high precision and green development.

CTB NC shear servo control system realizes automatic control of shearing equipment, improve cutting speed and precision of shearing equipment, reduce labor costs; Servo control system has flexibility, intelligence, green, stability, reliability and easy to use, embodies perfect combination of servo control and machinery, which is first choice of CNC shear equipment.

CTB launches special servo control system solutions of NC shear equipment, which have been successfully applied in many domestic and overseas CNC shearing equipment manufacturers, can be widely used in all kinds of material shear processing. As servo control system of domestic leading production enterprise, we will provide the first-class solutions that help you to improve the performance, reliability and precision of the machine, as well as the overall innovation and quality.

Function characteristics

1. Drive built-in Pmotion motion control module, can use ladder diagram or C language programming;
2. Realize full closed-loop control, position control, speed control and torque control;
3. Control precision: position: ±1PLUSE, speed: ±0.1%, torque: ±5%;
4. High shearing precision;
5. uniform feeding movement
6. Quick response of servo control;
7. 200% of the overload ability, faster and more efficient response
8. Servo control to improve work efficiency, save the cost of production
9. Fault self-diagnosis function.

Market orientation

1. The CTB products are suitable for all kinds of high-end equipment
a. Tracing shear
b. Flying shear
c. Punching shear
d. Plate shearing machine
2. High cost performance, obvious price advantage in servo market
3. Energy saving and efficient, cost savings for the production enterprise
4. With different communication interface, can communication with all kinds of touch screen, the text box.